Top 3 Issues Women In The Workplace Suffer From In 2019

Natalie Foria | Digital Marketing Specialist
December 27, 2019


Equality for women in the workplace has come a long way in the last 100 years. Women hold positions at all levels in every industry whether it be construction to technology to government. However, true equality has not yet been achieved and women today face many hardships. The wage gap, sexual harassment, and lack of career opportunities are the top three issues for women in the workplace. Let’s examine how these impact women today.

1. Wage Gap

The lack of equal pay amongst genders is astonishing, and it has been one of the biggest hardships for women in the workforce for decades. Almost everyone has heard in the past that women only made 80 cents on the dollar compared to men. Unfortunately, for some reason that still is true today. Women face unequal pay even at the highest levels. The Chicago Tribune reports that over a lifetime women with a bachelor’s degree will earn a third less than a man with the same degree.

This even rings true to graduates from elite universities, like Harvard. Women need to work 70 days more per year to match their male counterparts. Those numbers are an impossible feat to overcome. This is something that must be changed to even start tipping the scales to equality for men and women.

2. Sexual Harrassment

Sexual harassment can be a hardship for everyone in the workplace, but women are more likely to be targeted. According to a study done by ABC & The Washington Post, 54% of women reported unwanted sexual advances at work. Of those who reported 95% said that the men harassing them did not get punished.

This is a huge hardship for women to overcome. These unwanted advances can come from those in power or from peers, but regardless it must be stopped. Women who are made uncomfortable at work will most likely see job performance go down. Not to mention, will negatively impact their personal lives as well.

3. Lack of Opportunities

Women in the workplace have a much harder time advancing their careers through promotions or even getting job offers in the first place. “Hot Jobs” defined as high visibility, mission-critical roles, and international experiences are made less available to women than men. These jobs are stepping stones to leadership roles within organizations, and women not having the same opportunity to hold these positions hinder their ability to rise to the top. Additionally, it is harder for women to get hired in the first place. It has been shown that men who underperformed compared to women in the application process, are still chosen over them. The gender bias that women face impedes them from getting opportunities that they deserve.


In conclusion, women face many hardships in the workforce. The wage gap, sexual harassment, and lack of opportunities given are only the top issues. There are many more that impede female workers everyday. If you are a female, have you ever experienced any kind of hardships? If you are a male, have you seen any friends or coworkers go through any issues based on their gender? Many times, it is easy to overlook, but at Diverse Culture we are committed to raising awareness and fixing the inequalities in the working world. We will see to it that women in the workplace are treated equally. That goes for everyone as well.



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