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Our memberships include content dripping throughout the month, custom members dashboard, coupons to specific services and events and a fantastic support team! Get ready to learn, connect and grow a viable venture with Diverse Culture.

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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

You are completely protected by our 100% No-Risk Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with our virtual coworking membership over the next 7 days, we’ll be happy to refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

All pricing is in USD. You can change plans or cancel your account at any time.
* Special introductory pricing, all annual renewals are at full price.

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Showcase Your Execellence & Achievement

Upon successful completion of our Startup Courses, members will receive access to digital copies of their certificates. Feel free to express the excitement on social media and more. Also, don’t forget to jump into the private communities and assist your fellow virtual colleague.

We’ll also throw in some cool bonuses upon the completion of the courses that you can utilize in the scalability of your venture. 


Common Questions

Is Diverse Culture virtual coworking memberships right for me?

Do you want to develop a successful and progressive venture? Avoid as many hurdles that majority startups face due to lack of knowledge or experience? Diverse Culture can assist you with these thing … and so much more. Diverse Culture is committed to helping your venture learn, grow and access various resources and opportunities towards the development of a viable business.

Could you provide more info on the virtual personal training?

We have the privilege to partner with Owner & Director Tiffaney Williams-Mayes of Total Praise Fitness, who will be providing virtual training sessions focused on general healthy eating habits, exercises that can be accomplished at home or the gym, and more. All programming will be stored in our members portal. You must either purchase access to these training sessions or opt-in to the Expansion Membership.

How does the custom landing page work with my membership?

For those who opt-in to receive a custom landing page designed by our team of experts, you gain complete access and rights to the site once you have completed a total payment of $750 (3 Months for those in the Business & Expansion Memberships). If you are in the Startup Membership, you have the ability to have access and full rights to your site immediately upon purchasing services within our marketplace.

Should you cancel your membership before you have completed the full payment for your custom landing page, Diverse Culture has the ability to lock your access and traffic visibility to your website.

What can I expect once I join the virtual coworking membership?

Once you join, you will gain instant access to our Startup courses along with access to Un.Inc webinars and mentors. We will send you additional login keys for Un.Inc FYI. Also, be prepared to take notes and do actual work. This is not a membership where you are staring at a screen looking at the speakers talk for hours. There will be quizzes, homework and more applications than you might be accustomed to, in order to help build your venture. Lastly, expect to connect, collaborate and create/discover new opportunities with your fellow members.

How does the online members directory work?

Immediately upon becoming a member, you should receive a few emails from us. One of those emails will be specifically asking you to complete a small survey that will allow us to collect information on you and complete your membership profile. Standard profiles give members and visitors the ability to access company name, website and brief bio of both the business and its owner.

For members that have opted-in the Business & Expansion Memberships, they will have the ability to be contacted through a custom form for services. In addition, they will be placed in our tiered levels of Business Spotlight.

How does the group coaching operate?

Once you join our membership, you will be given a survey to complete within 2 days of signing up. As the survey is identifying specific pain points for businesses, we will create special groups coached by an industry expert that will be host once a month.

You will be joined within these group sessions with like-minded members experiencing similar frustrations as you. Allowing you to connect and collaborate with one another. Be sure to take notes, as instructors might surprise you with homework or a pop quiz. 😉

Are your memberships offered at a yearly payment?

Yes, we do offer yearly rates for all memberships. Once you click on “Join Membership” you will be directed through our payment portal where you can choose from our monthly and yearly options. All purchasing customers will receive up to 20% OFF for yearly memberships.

Do you have an affiliate program?

No, we currently don’t have an affiliate program, but we are in the process of creating one. We’ll be sure to announce changes when they occur.

Will the monthly day passes be able to rollover?

Currently, we are allowing members to have the ability to rollover their monthly day passes up to a total of 3. Once you hit 3 day passes, you will be withheld from securing more until the 3 current day passes are utilized.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer an unconditional 7 day money back guarantee.

Where will you house your community at?

Great question! We have decided to allow both paying and interested members access our open Facebook group. While you can connect with individuals there, we want to cut out the distractions and have some control on the convos taking place. Which is why we send all members a link via email to connect with our private Slack Group. Also, you can download Slack via desktop, tablet and mobile. Awesome right!?