SPECIAL: Virtual Coworking Press Release

Tim Williams | CEO & Founder
July 17, 2020

Diverse Culture announces a strategic partnership with online education platform, The Un.Inc 

We’re growing our capacity during COVID by expanding to offer a new virtual membership, including founder and leadership education, and branding services for startups and small businesses.

As a coworking space, we’ve always been a community hub and space where members have come for networking, collaboration, and growth. We support a range of leaders from remote workers to freelancers, founders, and startup teams.

As we’ve navigated the challenges of COVID the last few months we have been reaching out to our network to find resources for our members, to help them pivot and grow their businesses and professional skills during this time. We were first introduced to the team at The Un.Inc by other colleagues in the coworking industry and learned about their live interactive campus model for coworking spaces. The team has been developing and running this program for 4 years in Austin, TX as a cohort model for founders, and they expanded to a hybrid online and in-person model in January of this year to support coworking spaces. 

The benefit for us as an independent local business is all about revenue, and reach. We are now able to offer Un.Inc sessions and programming to our members through our new Virtual Coworking (https://diverseculturestl.com/founders-promotion/) membership, at an accessible rate. Packaged with the online programming members have access to in-person meeting space as needed. We’re thrilled to be able to extend the support we offer through our space, and at the same time to launch a new revenue stream during these uncertain times. 

We are proud to be part of this growing national network of coworking spaces around the country offering virtual education to our members. In the live interactive workshops, our members connect with mentors and other members from spaces around the country.

Alkaloid Network | Virtual Coworking Partner
Splash Coworking | Virtual Coworking Partner
Createscape Coworking | Virtual Coworking Partner
Goodwork Coworking | Virtual Coworking Partner
Co.Co.Haus | Virtual Coworking Partner
The Hive Chester | Virtual Coworking Partner
Dayhouse Coworking | Virtual Coworking Partner
Liberty Lake Coworking | Virtual Coworking Partner

In order to experience change, you must first be willing to become the change you want to see.

~Tim Williams


To learn more about our Virtual Membership please visit https://diverseculturestl.com/founders-promotion/

To learn more about the Un.Inc programming and curriculum visit www.theuninc.com/group

Lastly, we want to ensure that you are kept in the loop of our upcoming Facebook live event that will be held on July 23rd at 3PM. We encourage all startups and small businesses to tune into this live interview and Q&A, as we will be hosting the Un.Inc Campus founders Liz Deering and Ben Gibson. Feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding the programming and membership. 

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