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Virtual Coworking For Startups

Tim Williams | CEO & Founder
July 23, 2020

When I launched Diverse Culture back in February 2019, I’m sure I was thinking how in the hell would I develop a company that would serve various needs and wants for businesses all over. Think about it… I’m a startup myself and I’m trying to provide a valuable solution that would position other startups and small businesses in a position to be successful. Well, what first started off as a vision, now has become reality and now Diverse Culture is serving more than 60+ individuals and organizations to date. Let’s peel back some layers and understand how we’ve accomplished such a lofty vision.

Can You Really Develop A Thriving Business Venture?

How many times have you asked yourself or heard someone present this question to you when informed of a potentially great business idea? Hell, how about the tone or way the question was presented to you. No matter the product, industry and experience, there seems to be more negative outlooks with people starting businesses then there should be. You yourself are probably already questioning your abilities and mental capacity to put this idea into action.

In addition, do you have the appropriate knowledge to effectively build this company from the ground up? So many questions, and there seems to be not enough self validating answers to support these questions. That’s exactly how we came up with a proven and creative solution to not only answer your many questions, but to provide actionable insights and value to building your venture. Thus, our virtual coworking membership was created.

Virtual Coworking For Startups & Small Businesses

With so many resources out in the world, it’s easy to get lost and not see any progress in your strategies. But what if you had access to a step by step guide to ensure that you are not only thinking of solid strategies, but able to implement them and see a huge return? Even more you should have the opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and develop your idea company.

With that in mind, we have developed a comprehensive online membership and community that provides you with the resources, connections and opportunities to truly live in your desired venture. Our membership walks you through understanding your ideas and how to design them into authentic businesses, while educating you on many aspects of digital marketing, financial pro formas and more.

Furthermore, we have connected with experienced partners such as Un.Inc and Hubspot that are providing our fellow entrepreneurs with additional community resources and mentorship to assist in the growth of your business. Whether you are in the real estate industry or a tech company, we focus on providing a creative and strategic framework to help you in designing a sustainable and scalable company.

Startup Ecosystem Achievements

While we host a wealth of resources and services for our community, we’d like to take a brief moment to recognize a few ventures our program has assisted thus far. First member that comes to mind is Dorothy J Haire (Author & Blogger), where she started out in the early stages of our membership where we focused on design thinking vs business development.

Dr. Haire came to us seeking to increase exposure with her targeted audience and find creative ways to interact with them. In considering her ideal customer avatar and vision of her blog, we paired her with a community of writers and successfully published authors. We even had the opportunity to develop her a simplistic, yet goal oriented website. Here’s what she had to say about our membership:

I am a senior with little tech knowledge. I am also a budding freelance writer and needed an author’s website to help build my platform. Tim & Diverse Culture listened, gave excellent suggestions, and designed a website I could use easily with my limited tech knowledge. I have received over 100 subscribers, mostly from other seniors who are also tech challenged. I have received many comments about its appearance and easy use. Thank you, Diverse Culture, for your responsiveness and professionalism.

With many more success stories, we want you and your organization to experience our membership, community and resources first hand. For us, we prefer to serve our customers’ needs rather than provide fruitless solutions only to run up the dollars spent and provide no tangible benefits/results.

In the same way that we listened to Dr. Haire and her needs, we hold ourselves to a strong standard of excellence to hear your needs and desires, while finding a unique way to over deliver.

What Impact Can Your Venture Provide?

It was H.W. Charles who said the following:

“Wisdom is really the key to wealth. With great wisdom, comes great wealth and success. Rather than pursuing wealth, pursue wisdom. The aggressive pursuit of wealth can lead to disappointment.

As the hallmark for our offering, we’d rather provide you with the knowledge to build your business in the starting stages rather than charge you money that you probably don’t have in order for us to do the work. That’s the value of our virtual coworking membership. It unlocks the endless possibilities of knowledge to build a thriving venture and connect with individuals from all over the world.

We got into this field called “Entrepreneurship” because we wanted to make some sort of change. The question that I’d like to pose… Are you willing to become the change you want to see? If so, are you ready to join a community that will support and grow alongside you?

In the end, Diverse Culture is here to provide you with the resources to build your business, but it’s up to you to take the first step. Join our virtual community today and receive a curated online education like none other. It’s time that you decide, commit and succeed in your endeavors as a startup and small business. Create opportunities. Create impact. Create purpose. Welcome to Diverse Culture.


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