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The Making Of A Coworking Space

Tim Williams | CEO & Founder
April 13, 2020

Welcome to Diverse Culture’s newest series titled “The Making Of A Coworking Space.” You’re joining our CEO and Founder Tim Williams, as he will be walking you through his process of developing Diverse Culture. What you can expect from this series is an understanding of our targeted audience, coworking tips and benefits, and our personal journey to the highly anticipated debut of our creative and collaborative workspace.


Hello coworking fanatics and visitors. I’m beyond excited to have you join me and the Diverse Culture team as we go through our first series within coworking. As mentioned above, we will be covering many topics ranging from our journey, coworking benefits and so much more. Stay tuned and get ready to learn about the wonderful world of coworking spaces.

Diverse Culture: The Coworking Startup

For those that aren’t familiar with us, Diverse Culture is a creative incubator and coworking space located in St. Louis, Missouri. I had the pleasure of officially launching the brand in February of 2019, and thanks to our supporters, board members and team, we are well on the way of opening the doors of a brillant and scalable venture.

Maybe that’s a bit biased coming from me, but nevertheless, you have to think great of your own idea/company before others can. For that reason, I would not be serving my company justice if I didn’t explain our core values.

Values Worth Standing For

While Diverse Culture is a for-profit venture, our mission is more aligned with some non-profits you may be familiar with. Our focus is to develop a diverse community of business professionals ranging from different backgrounds and experiences (race, practices, ideals, sex, religion, etc…). By intentionally bringing these individuals together, we can create a platform for both individuals and organizations alike to learn, grow and work together within a creative environment.

We might be a coworking space, but our mission is bigger than coworking. It’s a social movement to help spread the lack of diversity and inclusion within the workplace. To educate people and companies about the importance of diversity, while showcasing the benefits it can bring to the individual that purposefully practices inclusion within their business models. While identifying an obvious issue in society, we’ve used a creative solution in coworking as our platform to begin solving a life-long complication.

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What To Expect Next

While we are a new startup coworking space planted within St. Louis, Missouri, Diverse Culture is excited to begin our journey to compete with the best, while providing our members with valuable services that can help them with growth through various resources, connections and opportunities.

In part 2 of “The Making Of A Coworking Space,’ we’ll be discussing what steps we have taken to develop our space. As a result, we will cover how we formed Diverse Culture, our journey in searching for real estate and where that has placed us in the current day. 

If you are interested in knowing more about Diverse Culture, feel free to sign up to our monthly newsletter. You can find the form below, or schedule a free Zoom session with our community director and learn how we can position your company towards success. Thanks for joining me and the team, and we look forward to hearing from you.


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