Inspiration For Creativity 

Natalie Foria | Digital Marketing Specialist
September 24, 2019


As I sat down to write this post, I thought about the question posed. How did my inspiration for creativity come to be? At first, I struggled with the answer. I have explored creativity and diversity in a recent blog post that you can check out here, but on a personal level I hadn’t given it a lot of thought. Though I always thought of myself as having a creative mind, growing up I did not possess the most commonly thought of artistic creative qualities. I couldn’t (and still can’t) draw a straight line, I got a D in cursive, and even the simplest arts and crafts never came out as good as I had imagined. 

However, I now see that I am able to express creativity in other ways. I think I am a good writer, I have developed a talented hand applying makeup, I have a particularly witty brand of humor, I have an eye for color, and I am able to conceptualize a vast array of great ideas. Let’s look into how I came to realize I had creativity flowing through my veins.


But where does my creativity stem from? I think the first time I actually remember thinking I was creative was during cheerleading practice in 7th grade. We were tasked to make up a dance for a half time show and I ended up taking the reigns and creating most of the number. I thought to myself, all of the times I had spent watching music videos on MTV and trying to mimic the moves in my room while listening to my discman had finally paid off! I had actually taken the knowledge and experiences I had and made something from them all by myself.

I remember feeling very proud that my fellow teammates liked what I was coming up with and the rush I felt when I saw the steps I had put together actually being performed. Of course I am not a trained dancer and my cheerleading career ended 10 years ago in high school, but the act of creating something that was valued from scratch is still burned in my mind.


What I take from that anecdote is that, I am inspired by experiences. Luckily for me, I have been blessed with a great memory. I can recall various facts, instances, and feelings from various points in my life. At times it can be with great detail, I can still picture the exact thing someone is wearing, what on TV, the weather, I can really set the scene. On the other hand, sometimes I don’t even know why I know a certain fact when it comes up in trivia or conversation, it just pops into my mind. But I do know that the things I’ve experienced and learned influence my creative thought process on a daily basis. 

For example, most recently when deciding on what color to do my hair next, I remembered how I always thought that the dark rainbow of colors I would find in an oil spill on street always looked so interesting. I loved that the color still showed while immersed in the absence of color. I took that experience and decided to use that as an inspiration for my new hair, which turned out fantastic! Now, I know that color scheme of course has been used before in hair, but personally I hadn’t thought of it for me until that point. The point is that the idea came about based on something I had experienced that was completely not in the same realm as the problem I had. Looking back to that moment I was able to visualize a different way to incorporate something different.


For me personal creativity, means a new idea that had never dawned on the individual before. It is turning on the lightbulb, a “Eureka!” moment, that “Ah-Ha” realization. It is an organic thought that comes about from whatever inspires them and allows them to grow as a person. Life is an adventure and I believe that the journey never ends, but the story just evolves. I think creativity comes from what you learn along the way and applying that to what is to come in the future. Now that I’ve shared my views, tell me how do you tap into your creative side?

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