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Diverse Culture History

Diverse Culture is a startup creative incubator and coworking hub established in 2019 by our CEO and Founder Tim Williams. As a diversity focused company , we are committed on developing a diverse community of business professionals ranging from different backgrounds and experiences. In addition, this will allow our members to come and learn, grow and work together towards their own individual goals within a creative environment.

Equally important, Diverse Culture provides creative solutions to both our coworking members and surrounding community centered around community development. We are positioning ourselves as hub that inspires creatives to showcase their talents and abilities. You can expect art shows, fashion shows, creative workshops and more for personal and professional growth.


Developing unique communities built around cultural diversity & inclusion.


Exposing the inner creative within our surrounding community and members.


Creating new and exciting ideas and stratetgies to assist in building an ideal culture.

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Hello! I’m Tim Williams

Welcome to Diverse Culture everyone. Stoked to know that you want to learn more about our company vision and mission. Though we are a startup to many, we have some audacious goals that we are closing in on and a lot requires you. Join Diverse Culture today in our vision to develop a diverse community of individuals that expect nothing less than greatness. Together we decide. Together we commit. Together we succeed. I personally welcome you and look forward to discovering where your dreams will lead you.

Global Reach

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to obtain global recognition and positioning as both a creative incubator and coworking hub for any and all business needs. Equally important, we will continue to provide our clients and members with superb service and unique solutions for each phase of their business growth cycle.

In order to reach our vision, Diverse Culture has committed to developing workspace with easily attainable resources and solutions. Bridging the gap between different communities and ethnicities, we will create synergies that drive growth, research and productivity for our communities. Furthermore, we are developing physical and virtual communities to support enhanced relationship development and collaboration between our members.

Phase 1: Launch

As all great companies startoff as an idea, Diverse Culture is now ready to launch our vision to the world.

In order to do so, we have tasked our team with researching and locating our space location that will house our creative coworking space and main offices for our creative team.

We are currently targeting both North and South city St. Louis, with the hopes of reaching all surrounding communities and allowing them to express their inner creatives within our artistic culture.

You are invited to check out our blog on the latest happenings and progress of Diverse Culture.

Phase 2: Diverse Development

It’s no secret that we stand behind true diversity and inclusion between our community members and would love to see the same for the surrounding communities that we plant ourselves in.

Diverse Culture will continue our relations development between different key influencers, community leaders, individuals and businesses. All with the hope of developing a diverse core that businesses and individuals can view and replicate within thier business structure.

We are more than a creative incubator and coworking hub. We are company that understands the benefits of expressing and accepting the uniqueness that everyone brings. 

Coupled wih our values and your expertise and difference, we are excited to see the full potential of Diverse Culture.

Phase 3: Mentor, Create & Succeed

To forget that we are creative incubators would be a huge disjustice to our company. Through our mentorship programs and educational classes provided by us and select partners, Diverse Culture will raise up the leaders of tomorrow. 

Giving the youth and young adults a chance to become more than what society shows them, Diverse Culture will lead future creatives and business professionals to take grasp of their passions and excel. 

If you are interested in learning more about what we have to offer you or someone you know, feel free to contact us today. It’s time to stop making excuses and take action on the gifts and talents that were given to you.

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Creative Community For All

We welcome everyone from college students to midsize businesses. Even remote workers who are looking for workspace that lead to new connections and enhanced productivity will find Diverse Culture as their home. Don’t handicap your goals and ambitions due to a misunderstanding of true community collaboration. Together we decide! Together we commit! Together we succeed! Join us at Diverse Culture, and discover where your dreams could lead you.