Creativity Bundle

Start Small & Grow Big

Don’t feel pressured in spending a lot of money just to help your business grow. We are ready to serve you while delivering the best pricing for our creative bundle services. 

Giving Back To Startups

Giving back to the startup and new small business community, Diverse Culture has created an affordable monthly membership to help a brand reach its ideal audience and help close on the lead. Grow your brand with confidence while saving your pockets financial pains.

Our Reasoning

Access to a full suite of creatives services at a low cost. Why? To see your brand grow and succeed. Let’s discuss what the goals of your business is and how our creative strategies can help reach and exceed said milestones. As mentioned above, start small and grow big!

Satisfied Customers Are Saying

Very professional experience. Diverse Culture was able to deliver and surpass my expectations.

Morgan Casey

Owner, Leveled Up

“I just recently started my own business and with the expertise and creativity of Diverse Culture, my launch was a great success. They are very knowledgeable, creative, and professional. They did an awesome job with taking my vision and making it a reality. My logo was exactly what I wanted and he did a great job on creating the color schemes for my background. I will definitely continue using Diverse Culture for all of my web design needs as I am confident they will always exceed my expectations!!”

Tiffaney Williams - Mayes

Owner, Total Praise Fitness

“Our company was seeking a digital marketing firm when a present acquaintance of ours informed us about Diverse Culture. They walked us through a very well thought out and industry specific strategic plan for our company and consulted us from beginning to our present state. Now Diverse Culture serves as our digital consulting partner assisting us on branding and leaving a digital footprint. For a small business, we are thankful for what the team has done and look forward to launching our new and upcoming project. Thank you both the staff at Diverse Culture and to its owner, Tim Williams for putting up with us through all of the craziness.”

Charlene Carter

Director of Education, Divine Intervention Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might have a few questions about our creativity bundle. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we have received.

Are there any hidden fees within this membership?

There are no hidden fees within our creativity bundle. Clients should expect to pay an upfront charge of $500.00, and depending on which membership tier you choose. You will pay nothing but that flat monthly rate for all services.

Is there a minimum timeframe for membership?

Yes, each membership tier comes with a minimum 6 month contract. Afterwards, you can renew the contract, go month to month basis or cancel. Again, no hidden fees, just notify us how you would like to proceed moving forward towards the end.

Will I really have access to your full creative suite?

Yes you will. Our team will set your brand up with a creative yet comprehensive strategy that will tie into all elements of design to help your brand prepare for a valuable experience with Diverse Culture.

Why should I choose your for my creative needs?

Becasue we have a heart to see new startups and small businesses grow their brand without having to go broke for it. There are many great agencies out their, but we specifically cater to you. Test us out and let us know your thoughts.

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