The Making Of A Coworking Space II: COVID-19 Special

Tim Williams | CEO & Founder
April 16, 2020

Hello coworking fanatics and visitors! Welcome back to another insert around the development of Diverse Culture. We are excited to have you again, and don’t take your support lightly. For those who weren’t able to catch our first chapter on “The Making Of A Coworking Space” you’ll be able to do so now. Now, let’s dive into our new chapter with our CEO and Founder, Tim Williams.


Greetings everyone! Thank you again for joining me and the team in our newest chapter. Today we will be discussing specific steps we took on the journey of developing a scalable and sustainable coworking space. We will also go over how recent events of COVID-19 have affected our company and how we plan to move forward post COVID-19. So let’s dive in and start learning.

Step One: An Idea Becomes A Vision

Just like any great invention, it all started with an idea. The idea of Diverse Culture came from the necessity of assisting individuals and businesses with acquiring resources to help progress their company in the form of connections and creative opportunities. Now, while that sounds great, there was still a lack in my economy. Before COVID-19, I felt as if St. Louis was already experiencing a form of social distancing. The homefront was divided and it seemed as if there was no solution to flattening the curve so to speak.

What I envisioned was a physical platform that would allow individuals/companies from different backgrounds and experiences to come together as one, and collaborate towards making a positive impact not only for their ventures, but for the local community as well. In doing so, we can begin to reshape what our local economy looks like and how we progress forward.

Step Two: The Name Was Developed

I started planning the coworking space about 3 years ago. I knew I wanted to develop a coworking space that focused on diversity and inclusion, but why. If you remember in the first chapter of “The Making Of A Coworking Space,” I made mention that there was a lack of unity between individuals from different backgrounds and experiences. Especially within the workplace. I began to think to myself… What would it look like to put together a model that could address these issues?

Thus, the name Diverse Culture was created. A company that would focus on developing a diverse society that would invite mass communities of backgrounds and more. Whether individuals or companies, I wanted to see our members freely join us without feeling as if they had to be someone else. Coming into a space and being proud of their uniqueness. Now that the name had been developed, it was time to start laying out the game plan of launching the new coworking space.

Fast Forward To Current Date: COVID-19 Strikes

Have you been working so hard before on a specific project and seems like everything is just against you on completing that project? Yea, I have as well and that’s exactly what happened when the coronavirus striked. No worries, I’ll back track to the process leading up to COVID-19 and what all we got accomplished, but I thought this would be a great time to share my personal/professional experience with everything going on right now.

Before COVID-19, there was a lot of traction for Diverse Culture. We were in the process of finalizing a unique and beneficial agreement for our new building, and we had just enrolled into our new coworking startup school class, headed by Jamie Russo with Everything Coworking. We will cover our experience with them later.

Out of nowhere, reports began to spread about an incurable virus that was running wild throughout the world. Not long to follow came the decree of the “Stay At Home” order and curfews for specific locations. With everything going on, you quickly began to see small businesses within various industries either close temporarily or the worst case scenario was being forced out of business.

How did all this affect Diverse Culture? It caused us to place all negotiations and specific operations on hold due to the uncertainty of this pandemic climax. There were already specified pushbacks coming my way, non COVID-19 related, but now this virus made everything worse.

Brighter Days To Come In The Midst Of Adversity

While everything looked bleak for the future of Diverse Culture, I began to realize how I was in a great position all things considered. Let’s think about it: When it came to the building we are still actively pursuing, there were some unforeseen obstacles that caused me to push my securement date back. While during those times, I was upset, I can look at the situation now and be grateful.

Imagine me closing on our new building and shortly afterwards, COVID-19 strikes. Many new and established businesses had been wiped out because of it. There’s a high possibility that I would have been included in those statistics should I had secured the building at the proposed date. Now, I have the opportunity to go back to the drawing board and revamp ideas and strategies on securement and launching the business. 

In Conclusion

I’m going to leave that last part a bit open-ended on purpose. We’ll come back to it later within the series, but I have a question for you. What have been the benefits of COVID-19 for you and your loved ones? Your business? Anything? I totally understand that everything has not been great, as I lost an aunt here recently due to COVID-19. So while everything isn’t pretty, why continue to focus on the negative. Don’t we as society do that enough already?

If I could request anything from my viewers, I’d ask you to take the time and think about the good that has come from COVID-19. Have you gotten more time to spend with your family? Catch up on all that late work from school or the workplace? Anything guys! Please drop a comment below and let me know how you have been doing during this coronavirus event. While you’re at it, think about how you will move forward after all this passes. While many might not be thinking of the future right now, I am. This too shall pass and I want us to be ready for what’s to come next.

Diverse Culture has already started planning our next moves. We are preparing our virtual coworking space, along with adding more private offices and secured spaces to our physical coworking space. If you want more information, or would like to join our waiting list, feel free to contact us today. We will have our community director contact you as soon as possible. Till then, I urge everyone to be safe and practice the correct precautions in order to be free from COVID-19. If you or a family member are suffering from the coronavirus, please feel free to jump into our Facebook page and let us know and we will be sure to say a prayer for you. Thank you.


  1. Keith Spears

    Nice article. Since COVID-19 hit the US and caused a Stay-At-Home mandate, I was furloughed from Enterprise, for at least 4 weeks. Immediately after being furloughed I pivoted, and started focusing on the worst-case scenario, layoff. I started learning new skills that included website development in WordPress and WooCommerce and Mobile Application Development in the IOS and Android OS.

    Well, the worst-case scenario is now my reality, April 30 is now my last day at Enterprise, after 20 years of employment. My focus is not on the problem, but the problem solver. I’m not focusing on the ill of our society, but the one who can change the world, because He is the creator of everything. Be safe, healthy, inside and informed!

    • Tim Williams

      Hello Keith. Thanks for responding to our post. I’m sorry to hear that the last day at Enterprise is nearing, but that being said, I believe you are moving in the right mindset. Focus on the positives and trust that God will guide you and your family to next and better journey. While we are still growing, let us know how we can support.


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