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Becoming The Change You Want To See

Take action today and join our community launchpad, experiencing both a philanthropic and enriching journey. Giving you the ability to unlock various resources, connections and opportunities to scale.

A Brand You Can Grow With

While Diverse Culture is a newly established community launchpad, our leadership team coupled with initiatives to see sustainable and scalable ecosystems, reinforces our efforts to create true impact.

In one direction, we have struggling startups and small businesses dealing with the ability to compete with their competitors and grow a successful venture. While in the other corner, we have established companies seeking opportunities to deliver resources and opportunities to underserved communities. We took both perspectives and created mutually beneficial platform to help meet the needs of our audience.

Thus, came our community launchpad, Diverse Culture. Becoming a valued member is more than joining a coworking space, but a family that you will come to enjoy and co-create with. From tackling business frustrations to developing innovative ways to enhance economies, our community launchpad is the ideal space to call home.

For that reason, we have focus our efforts by serving within underserved communities that our fellow startups and established companies can provide true value. By partnering with like-minded organizations and providing them with access to various resources and opportunities, we are confident that we positively impact the narrative for our targeted ecosystems.

When taking action, we stand behind three (3) core values: Decide, Commit and Succeed. These three values allow us as a community launchpad to implement various techniques and collaborations to ensure the progress/accomplishments of our initiatives. So, join our community and become part of the change you want to see.

We Are More Than A Space. We Are A Community

More than coworking, we are merry band of businesses and entrepreneurs that will impact the world. We just fine it easier to do it as a team, rather than alone. Join us today and turn your workspace ideas into reality, creating an environment that is as unique as your venture.

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Our Purpose

To bring forth diverse resources and opportunities that allow startups to develop successful companies, while providing valuable outlets for established businesses to give back to underserved ecosystems.

By focusing on developing a diverse group of professionals within our space, and creating intentional opportunities for inclusion, we believe we can develop an environment where individuals/companies can learn, grow and work together in a creative environment. In addition, we create collaborative initiatives and drive localized impact for both companies and our local community.

Meet The Team

Meet the team that is currently giving their heart, talents and knowledge to the success of not only Diverse Culture, but your venture as well.

Tim Williams

Tim Williams

CEO & Founder

Excited to have you aboard our journey. Feel free to connect with me on social profiles and let’s continue the conversation.

Marcus McCullough Jr

Marcus McCullough Jr

Director of Public Relations

I’m happy to connect with you and learn how our ventures can grow together. Drop a message via social.

Our Partners

ULCC | Coworking Space Partner | Diverse Culture
Total Praise Fitness - Partner | Diverse Culture
Everything Coworking | Coworking Space Partner | Diverse Culture
HubSpot For Startups | Coworking Space Partner | Diverse Culture

Ready to Make a Change?

Whether you are considered as a lone wolf or fighting crime with a team, our space can accommodate your workspace needs, including all the services you need to get started. Be sure to ask us about our free personalized business services to help your venture scale.

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Thanks for inquiring about our community launchpad. We’ll be sure to update you with any and all information pertaining to our space and memberships. Take a brief moment to complete the form.


Join Our Waiting List

Thanks for inquiring about our coworking space. We’ll be sure to update you with any and all information pertaining to our space and memberships. Take a brief moment to complete the form.