Capturing The Benefits Of Creativity In 2019

Muzakkira Shaik | Digital Marketing Specialist
October 21, 2019


Shocking studies proves that 5 year olds have 98% of creativity and adults just 2%. Seriously! Only 2%. Burning with curiosity, I googled and went crazy to find out why? I got my answer in the question itself. The answer is “why” ? Most of the younger generation are curious about everything and ask a whole bunch of questions. For example, if we say “2+2” is “4” they ask, Why 4? How 4? and many endless questions. It clearly shows their imaginative & creative thoughts. The only difference between adults & young kids is that, We start accepting the facts as we age.

“ All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up “
~ Pablo Picasso

How to keep creativity alive

One of the best ways to be creative is ‘learning through collaboration’. Diverse Culture, a coworking hub, clearly understands the ABC’s of creativity and striving to bring the change by encouraging cross cultural communities to connect & collaborate which helps both you & your business grow.

Now, let’s talk about some benefits of creativity

Creativity is considered as the second most important skill in demand. That’s Fantastic! Isn’t it ? Because each one of us are creative in our own way. Northeastern University says that it’s important to reward creativity in order to foster creativity in business. Its not compulsory for every idea to be successful ,all we need to do is encouragement, support & appreciation for their countless attempts to make it work.

Creativity benefits us in the following ways:

Survive against stiff competition

There’s always a tug of war between organizations to win over each other. And creativity is one thing that makes them stand out. For example, Apple is wooing the customers with its amazing creative work. On the other hand, due to lack of creativity Nokia has lost is business which ruled in early 2000 ‘s. A lot of creative tactics & strategies are made to be in the top position. In addition to this, workshops & trainings are conducted just to boost creativity among employees.

Boost Logical Thinking

It is an art which resides in every human in various forms and can be applied in all the fields. Most of us assume that designers, artists, painters are more creative which is absolutely not true as per LinkedIn. One can improve their creative thinking by trying new things, exercising brain with puzzles & games. Infact it helps team to perceive things with a new angle and get effective results.


On the whole, it is clear that creativity is the key to grow personally & professionally. Further, Diverse Culture understands the ‘future of creativity’ and strongly believe, your success is our success. Be a part of diverse community, and see how your goals are accomplished with us.


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