Benefits Of Diversity In The Worpkplace in 2019

Natalie Foria | Digital Marketing Specialist
August 26, 2019


In today’s world, diversity in the workplace is a strongly valued ideology that many companies and organizations preach. However, at times people can lose sight of the actual benefits of having cultural diversity within their ranks, instead only following a precedence that is believed to be expected. By being fully aware and willing to understand the benefits of diversity in the workplace, will a company truly reap the rewards of having a diverse environment.


Diversity is the occurrence of people who have a variation of different characteristics. This can refer to race, religion, ethnicity, gender, etc. which is the more common conception, but it also refers to different kinds of social groups, personality types, or any other factors that form an individual’s identity. Diverse Culture, a creative incubator and coworking space, has a fantastic understanding of what it means to have a diverse community not only built within their team, but also with the clients we take on. Visit our coworking space to gain insight on how we promote inclusivity and diversity within our space.


There are a vast array of benefits from having a diverse workplace. First, having access to people from all walks of life provides different perspectives that can be utilized. This allows for more creativity and innovation due to the sharing of different ways of thinking that would not be possible if everyone in the room only had similar experiences in life. Furthermore, this leads to better decision making skills and problem-solving results for the organization, whether internal or external. Diverse groups are much better suited to bounce ideas off one another to come up with a newfangled, successful outcome than groups that are too tight knit. The efforts of a diverse group increase performance of the company overall. 

At the end of the day, companies need to grow and profit from their tactics, and diversity is one that has been proven to consistently cause them to excel. All these benefits of diversity lead to one significant result, a better reputation for your company. Attaining and sustaining an outstanding reputation is something every company strives for. It helps bring in more customers, attract better hires, and ensures a bright future. 


Now that you know the why behind diversity in the workplace, it is time to recognize how to achieve it in order to improve your business. Forbes identifies a common mistake made by many companies, which is just simply using the term “workplace diversity” without fully defining what that means for your organization. Every company is different, and may have different needs of what kinds of traits will allow them to become more diverse. Only looking at one aspect of diversity such as race will not allow you to truly build a diverse team as you are looking for. You must first decide what diversity looks like to you and then create an  initiative to reach that goal. 

Another misconception is that you can copy another our company’s idea of diversity after it has shown to be a success. There are many factors that go into implementing a diverse team, such as the culture and location of your company, so using a template from someone else will not necessarily turn out as successful for you. An important thing in achieving diversity is spreading awareness and inclusion practices throughout all ranks of the company. By promoting a culture of acceptance within you are able to invite and entice more applicants from different backgrounds to come and be a part of your team.


All in all, diversity is a largely important tool that will undoubtedly benefit any business. In fact, Diverse Culture has made it their mission to focus on building a diverse company both on an internal and external level. Contact Diverse Culture if you are interested in becoming a part of our diverse community. We understand the vast advantages a diverse workplace will provide. What are the benefits of diversity in the workplace that you see?


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