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3 Factors That Empowers My Innovation

Muzakkira Shaik | Digital Marketing Specialist
September 27, 2019


What would our lives be like without innovation? No mobiles, No Internet, No technology sounds horrible isn’t it.Lets take a moment and thanks to all the wonderful techies & human beings out there who made wonderful innovations & discoveries which made our lives easier.Within a touch everything is done.It’s fun and cool right.

But, behind the scenes there is a whole lot of hard work & continues attempts to achieve success & glory. Recently, few success stories made me believe, nothing is ‘impossible’. Let me take you through a few of my favorites that keeps me motivated and inspired.

Innovation is not something that is made over night.It takes a lot of blood & sweat, sleepless nights, hard work and hunger to succeed.

My Inspiration

There are many innovations but personally, I admire the following personalities whose innovation changed the history.

  • KFC 

If I ever think of mouth-watering chicken, it should be KFC. One of the best innovation in the restaurant industry.It is well known brand now, initially it faced failures & struggles.Founder of KFC Colonel Sanders, was able to see success in his late 60’s.

Failures of Colonel Sanders

  • Got fired when he was working as a labor at railways 
  • Ruined his legal career
  • Unsuccessful as an Insurance Agent
  • His hotel was burned down to ashes

These are just a few to mention but sander was unstoppable no matter what comes through his way.

My lesson: Age is just a number, if we have strong willpower and attitude nothing can break. Give your best and never give up.


Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce company and richest person in China.Ma’s life is truly a rags to riches story.

Failures of Jack Ma

  • Failed in school
  •  30 job rejections including one at KFC
  • Got rejected from Harvard university 10 times but nothing could stop Jack Ma from achieving his success.

My lesson:  ‘Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine’ – Jack Ma


One of the best innovations made by Steve Jobs is Apple, which gave a whole new definition in technology.Everyone were amazed by the inventions made by Steve Jobs.But life was not easy for him as well, he was removed from his own company, one of the worst nightmares for Steve.

My lesson: Don’t let anyone to crush your dreams.


In a nutshell, innovation & creativity  is something that resides in everyone.Just it takes time and effort to make it work and on a personal note, I believe motivation is common, but consistency is the key to success.Let’s take it up a notch with Diverse Culture to achieve success with creative and innovative team.


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