4 Goals To Accomplish With Unlimited Resources

Muzakkira Shaik | Digital Marketing Specialist
November 08, 2019


The classic question posed to me recently by my CEO, “Given the opportunity, how would you utilize unlimited resources in the form of money and time?” At that very moment I felt math question posed by my teacher was way too easy to answer than the above question, because neither am I a billionaire nor do I feel as if I have unlimited time. Later I sat down and gave a serious thought for that question. Then I made a list of things that I seriously want to do.


Being a spiritual soul, I so wanted to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca along with my family and thanks ALLAH for giving me the life I never expected for. And of course, travel to all beautiful places across the globe covering all the wonders.


I am thankful to all beautiful moms out there who sacrificed everything for family. And coming to my mom, she dropped out of school at a very young age due to various reasons and even now she gets excited to learn new things especially “English”. So I surely wanted to open a school for adults with no age limit to continue their studies and pursue their dreams.


The reason for my existence is my parents and I can go beyond anything to make them happy. They did so much and struggled a lot for my future now it’s their time to chill & relax. I want to buy them a beautiful house and make them go on a world tour.


Now, we all know that we want some materialistic things out of life. So no judging! I would definitely be down with purchasing shoes and clothes from Jimmy Choo’s, Louis Vuitton’s and Prada. Lastly, but not least, I would purchase myself and husband our dream home and start my own clothing line.


Triggering the above 4 things is my first & foremost priority if I had unlimited resources. Money has power to afford almost everything except love, relationships, emotions, loyalty & peace which is the most important for every human on earth. And I personally believe rather than making money , managing & using it in a right way is challenging. Besides being selfish lets give back to our community and make others’ lives better as well.

Check out our CEO answer, if he had access to unlimited resources. Lastly, join the conversation and leave your thoughts and answer on how you would utilize the opportunity to gain unlimited resources.


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