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Natalie Foria | Digital Marketing Specialist | November 08, 2019

If I Had Endless Money & Time:

The prospect of having endless time and money has crossed my mind once or twice before. My answer to what I would do with the money has changed slightly throughout my life. For instance, I probably would not buy every Beanie Baby and American Girl Doll that existed like my 8 year-old self would’ve. However, I still may buy a replica of the bus from the Spice Girls movie. 

In any case, I would most definitely first take care of my family. I would take the trip to Italy to see his family’s home with my dad that we have been talking about since i was little. I would also buy him whatever he wanted since he pretty much did that for me my whole life.

For my mom I would take her to the best spas in the world because we have always loved to pamper ourselves. I would also buy her an awesome house and car and wardrobe to go along. Both my parents and step-dad would have access to all inclusive season tickets for the Chicago Cubs and Blackhawks in the best seats in the house for all of eternity. (Yes, I am a Chicago fan through and through!) Finally, for my whole family we would have an immersive dinner at Alinea in Chicago where I am from. I have wanted to dine at Grant Achatz’s world renown restaurant since it opened in 2005 when I was in 8th grade. The food there is a whimsical experience unlike anything seen before, and I would love to share that with my family in our hometown, making it the most special family dinner. 

My amazing boyfriend and I would become jetsetters, first stop Japan! He has always wanted to go there and explore the culture. We then would eat our way around the world trying everything we could from street food in Thailand to 3 Michelin star restaurants in France. Together would see all the sights and spend our time going on adventures. Both of us are very into experiencing new things and creating memories instead of just having material things so, I wouldn’t want to travel around the world with anyone else.

As for my friends and coworkers I would absolutely through the biggest and best party to rival that of Hugh Hefner! I would most likely fly everyone to Vegas and just go all out on everything! They have given me so many amazing moments throughout my life I would absolutely need to give it back. My best friends would also be going on some much needed vacations to wherever their hearts desired, some would prefer quiet, relaxing beaches in Bora Bora and some would prefer a wild time in Ibiza.

Finally, for me, having endless resources, I would first pay off my crippling student loan debt, as many people my age would. Then I would buy two cars one luxury SUV and one American muscle car from the 70’s, they are just so damn cool. I would then buy some properties around the world starting with a penthouse in Chicago. I would buy all the make-up and clothing I wanted especially shoes and jackets which are my favorite items to wear.

I would get a personal trainer since I would actually have time to work out. Every Halloween I would spend crazy money on a huge party and and amazing costume since it is my most favorite holiday and I’m already sad I have to wait practically an entire year for it to come again. I would then give back and donate lots of money to all the charities and individuals who need it. At the end of the day, helping other people has always been something I like doing, and with all the time and money in the world I would absolutely make sure to give back. After all that was finished, I think it would be time to buy that Spice Girls bus!


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