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Tim Williams | CEO & Founder | November 07, 2019

As a millennial, I often think of a specific question I find myself asking other millennials. Given the opportunity to have access to unlimited money and time, how would you spend it? And why? As I ask my fellow generation this question over and over again, I gain varied answers. Some I not proud of and some that actually intrigue me.

That specific question was asked of me when I was working at company in the past called “Receivable Solutions.” Specifically, my manager at the time wanted to survey the room to determine what prospects he had and their potential to grow with the company. Needless to say, I didn’t end up staying with the company for more than 10 months, but what I did do is leave my manager with positive and impactful outlook on my future. Here’s why.

Unlimited Money & Time, How Would You Spend It? Why?

Thinking back on when that was first asked of me and now, not much has changed. My focuses are still aligned, I’m just currently walking in mission that I once said I had to do. If given the opportunity to have access to unlimited money and time, I would utilize my resources to continue developing thriving communities through crativity and diversity. 

I have always had a heart for people and wanting to see them in more properous outcomes, and that’s exactly what I’ve dedicated my life work to. When I launched Diverse Culture, it was in the hopes that I could find creatie ways to united individuals from different background and experiences together, so that they could learn and grow with one another towards their own individual goals. Equally important, I’ve taken the charge to create better opportunities for underserved/poverty stricten communities. 

Why exactly am I doing all of this for me is simple. Because we have to stand together if we hope to see this state and further ore this world thrive through true diversity and inclusion. Do I believe this will be an easy task? No. But I was once told that if it’s easy and unbeneficial, run from it. But if it is hard and beneficial, run towards it. I’m running at full speed and alongside my awesome team and partners, I’m confident that I will succeed in the mission in the years to come. 


I actually have a video coming out soon to address similar viewpoint on this topic, but how it fits with my non-profit organization Diverse Community. We are currently ramping up processes, and we want to hear from you. How would you spend your resources if they were unlimited? What are your values? How do they impact people? I’d love to hear from you, and pick your thoughts. Leave a comment below.


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