A question for all of our inspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses: What was the key reason that you set out to develop your own business? Was it to create your own security? Following after a specific passion? Wanted to create a legacy for your family? Whatever reason you set out to start your own business, we all inspire and strive for the same goal. Success! Now allow us to show you how and why Diverse Culture has been built for your success.

The Vision Became An Action Item

Diverse Culture was founded by our CEO Tim Williams on February 1st, 2019. With his heart being focused on freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses, Tim wanted to create a physical platform that would encourage both innovation, creativity and most importantly diversity and inclusion.

“I’ve been blessed to be able to travel to two countries and 1 state every year, and in the midst of my travels, there was always a common occurrence that stuck out to me. People from all different backgrounds and experiences united and genuinely enjoying their time with one another. It was beautiful, but I never saw the same in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. After months of communicating my frustrations and strategizing, that’s when I thought of the solution that tied into my passion. Thus Diverse Culture was born.” ~ Tim Williams

We’re a Creative Incubator and Coworking Hub focused on developing a diverse community of business professionals ranging from different backgrounds and experiences who can come together to learn, grow and work together towards their own individual goals within a creative environment. As our slogan says, we’re “Exposing Diversity Through Creativity!”

The Why

“Whether I’m out for business or out on my personal time, I tend to ask a handful of people what their definition of diversity is. Nine times out of ten, I’m addressed with the answer of black and white. No less and rarely more than that.” ~ Tim Williams

We immediately began to see crucial misunderstanding within peoples logic. Diversity was being labeled as two ethnic backgrounds, whereas it’s much more than that. When we define diversity, we truly mean all backgrounds and experiences. Pride community, veterans, special needs community and so much more. There is no cap when one should be discussing diversity and we have decided to create a creative community behind it. When you think of creativity, one should understand, to access the final masterpiece, you must release any mental barriers that could you hold you back from greatness.

Now we have adopted the same mindset within our coworking hub. We mentioned earlier that any and all businesses or individuals are striving for success. No matter how we look at it, that’s exactly what everyone wants in life. How we define success is up to us, but we all have that common denominator. With that being said, what could a diverse community of professionals do for your business if you all came together to reach a specific benchmark? All those minds, ideas, and abilities coming together for a bigger purpose.

How to Build A Diverse Community of Professionals

“I’ve always been a people person and love meeting new people. Starting a career in digital marketing made it so much easier for me to continue doing what I love. But when I started Diverse Culture, I realized that a different approach would need to be taken to reach our ideal audience.” ~ Tim Williams

What if we told you it was as simple as just connecting with them? MIND BLOWING right??!! No seriously, we have built so many connections with community organizations and key influencers by just going to them and building relationships. With their being so many coworking spaces here in St. Louis, we’re always asking ourselves the main question: What sets us apart from the others? It’s our mission. Most of the prominent coworking hubs here are catering to the tech industry which is great, but we can’t forget about the other companies that are looking for support. 

Our company gives individuals and organizations from many different industries a space to call home. With us providing them with so many solutions, resources and connections for personal and professional growth, we’d like to consider ourselves as the one stop shop for all your creative and coworking needs. And it doesn’t stop there, we are committed to seeing businesses succeed, so we have developed key partnerships with organizations that will cater to our community and see to it that they are growing and strengthening the surrounding communities. 

In Summary

Diverse Culture is not your average coworking hub, nor do we ever seek to become average. Our goal is on the community and giving back to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Are you seeking valuable connections? Then join Diverse Culture and start purposefully networking with other members. Looking for creative solutions to scale your business? Great, we have solutions ranging from development to marketing. In need of a creative space to help inspire creativity and productivity? No problem. Our pricing is economy efficient from the average college student all the way to midsize businesses.

“Both my team and I have developed Diverse Culture to not only cater to both consumer and business needs, but more importantly, to become a hub that inspires creativity, diversity and inclusion. There’s no reason why our vision, ambition and goals should be blocked due to a misunderstanding of what true collaboration between individuals of unique backgrounds and experiences should be. Together we decide! Together we commit! Together we succeed! Join us  at Diverse Culture, and discover where your dreams could lead you.” ~ Tim Williams